The ACT Experience

The first annual ACT Experience was held in October 2010. Since then the event has grown exponentially. For the last six years, the ACT Experience has been dedicated to┬ábringing a host of distinguished CEOs, publishers, editors, designers, media distributors “leaders in the printing industry and from the world of marketing” to the university. The ACT Experience is now held annually in April of each year.

Each year the center strives to provide industry leaders and aspiring media members a Think-and-Do Experience, brimming with ideas, inspiration and a little fun along the way. It’s also a time when students can meet and network with industry leaders and professionals in the media community to further their own portfolios and knowledge. Each year the magazine students are paired with industry leaders to shadow and learn from their expertise and experience. It’s a three-day world filled with possibilities for everyone; from potential careers for students to new friendships and business conversations between leaders.


The Magazine Innovation Center relies on sponsorships from the media industry. Sponsorships help integrate future industry leaders with current industry leaders and forge professional knowledge and experience that cannot be replicated. At the MIC, we are funded by the industry’s belief in the future of print journalism in a digital age and in the future of magazines and magazine media students.

The sponsorships are utilized for three things

  1. Operations
  2. The ACT Experience
  3. The implementation of the center’s newest opportunity “scholarships to support students” cost while serving unpaid internships

Our Sponsors

Following, in alphabetical order, are the industries that helped or continue to help with sponsorships:

  • Delta Magazine
  • Democrat Printing
  • Freeport Press
  • Fry Communications
  • Hearst Magazines
  • MagNet
  • Meredith Corp.
  • Morris Communications
  • Publishers Press
  • Shweiki Media
  • The James G. Elliott Company
  • Trend Offset Printing